Beconqea Oral Liquid Expel Pet Endoparasite

Beconqea Oral Liquid Expel Pet Endoparasite

Parasite Relief Chewing Tablets For DogCat Pet

CharnconqeaThis brownchewing tablets with beef flavor is composed of flubendazole, levamisole,praiquantel and other ingredients.


Treatmenting to the parasite infections for above two weeks age of age dogs andcats, such as mematodes, roundworms, tapeworms, tapeworm, hookworm, trichuris,paragonimiasis and fascioliasis, trichinella spiralis, trichinella spiralis,heartworms.

Dosage andadministration: 1 tablet for every 2.5kg body weight or follow the doctor’sadvice.


Keep tightly in a cool, dry and ventilated place.


1.  Keep out of reach of childrenand pets 

2.  See a doctor when the pethealth is abnormal 

3.  It is not recommended forpregnant pets

Shelflife: 2 years