Calcium Supplement Strong Bones Tablets

Calcium Supplement Strong Bones Tablets

Calcium SupplementStrong Bones Tablets  


Calcium amino acid chelate,Calcium carbonate,Calcium bicarbonate,Calcium lactate, Vd3, Manganese, Zinc,Copper, Fructo-oligosaccharide, Goat milk powder, Maltodextrin, etc.  


Vitamin A and D that promotethe absorption of calcium and phosphorus. The growth and development of youngpets are relatively fast, and it is easy to suffer from rickets, swelling ofjoints, soft legs and unstable standing. This product can effectively prevent petsfrom developing these diseases.

Aged pets are prone to osteoporosis, bone strengthdecreased, easy to fracture. It is beneficial to the skeletal health of agedanimals.

It contains a variety of digestive enzymesand oligosaccharides, promote intestinal absorption.Supplement the pregnancy, lactating bitchesof calcium, to prevent postpartum paralysis, fetal skeletal dysplasia. Increasebone toughness, strong teeth. Prevention of puppies rickets, rickets.

Favorite tastes for pets.

Usage and dosage:The pup, weight ≤2kg, 1-2tablets every meal 

Small sizedog: weight 3-10kg, 2-3 tablets every meal 

Medium sizeddog: weight 11-25kg, 3-4 tablets every meal 

Large size dog: weight26-40kg, 4-5 tablets every meal