Pet deodorant spray

Pet deodorant spray

Petdeodorant spray 100ml

Itis composed of fermentation liquor of probiotics and natural plant extracts.

Features: The product,developed by our company combined with the characteristics of pets, is a rapiddeodorant and bacteria killer which can fast eliminate the body odor, urinesmell, odors from faces and their living surroundings. Different fromtraditional physical methods(oxidation, abosarption, filtration, combustion),it is prepared by the special probiotics fermenting the saccharides, filteringand extracting the natural active ingredients, diluting and atomizing whichmakes the atomizing molecules disperse in the air to rapidly absorb the odormolecules. The active atomizing molecules can react with the odor molecules,such as hydrogen sulpide and ammonium, by decomposition, polymerization,substitution and addition reaction to change the structure of the odormolecules, which make them lose the odor. The final product is harmlessmolecules, like water, oxygen or hydrogen to eliminate the odor in air. It hasno mouth and inhalation toxicity and has no irritation to eyes and skin.Allfeatures have been tested by the local and abroad authorities. No secondarypollution exists.

Applicable and administration:

Pets: Spray on the petbody against the hair or on the pet toilets, excrements, creats, cat litter,cages. Pet clothes, 3-5 sprays per time, additional sprays can be applied forthe strong smell. It is better to close the toilet after application.

Housesoffices and cars: It can also be used in houses, offices and cars to removeodor, stink with perspiration, smell of cigarettes and other space with odors,like bathrooms, trash bins, shoe cabinets, store room, lavatories, bed rooms,living rooms and new houses after decoration. Apply 1-3 sprays directly on theair with odor, apply additional sprays repeatedly on the air with strong odor,stink of perspiration, smell of cigarettes. It is better to close the doors,windows and ventilation opening. Open the ventilation after application.